Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter cards, cardpurses and a shelfcard

Hello and a happy sunday to all of you !

With surfing on the internet I saw some shelf cards and wanted to try it out . And I got in contact with this nice lady at . She was so nice to send me the template by email .Thank you very much Adele !!!! this is the result :

This is how it looks sideways :

Next I saw a tutorial from Christina of and made 2 cardpurses for my upper neighbour to give to her great grand children . I made a small pocket inside for a gift of money .

Thank you Christina !

And here are some more winter cards :

3D cuttingfile , with on the flower middle a rhinestone,
 The left border and corner I embroidered with beautifull green madeira thread . Added some starry rhinestones .

So this is how it looks :

My next  card : The same candle a size smaller .

 A closer view , some twine a small peace of old music paper rolled up  . A sheer ribbon and a trim of lace and a peace of jewelry at the bottom.
 For creating a window view I used small golden sticker lines . Added a rose pearl to the flower .

I loved this cute snowman , probably because I hate wintertime : I 'm allergic to cold !                          

 I matted some star forms and added one big star and some small stickers. 
Just look at his face !

A bow with a jewel embellishment .

 For backing paper I used an embossed peace of paper , made with an embossing roller device .I matted the picture and used a broad trim of lace .

That's it for now , hope to be back soon as I am working on some mini albums and an easel card .
Have a nice week , take care ,

Hugs, Rosa

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello to all of you , late again on my posting . It is a personal goal I set myself , but my pains sometimes overtake my ( small ) goals . I've learned to take every day for what it brings and live accordingly .

But now I want to share some of my winter season cards !

 My first card is a pyramid card . I actually do not like pyramids  because of the heavy layering ( up to 8 layers ) . So I go in between and only use max. 4 layers to keep the card in balance and fit for posting .
 I liked the image very much though ,
and embellished my card with a trim of lace, ribbon and a hanger of stars . And a few punched snowflakes .

My next card : A 3D bird . I placed it before a handcut winter tree on which I again glued some punched out snowflakes . And I cut  a rectangle shape out of the front of the card , covered the inside of my with acetate, and covered the acetate with a few strokes of gold lined stickers to create a window .

 On the inside of the card , on the right pannel ,I glued an image , a  free download . I think it looks cosy .

My third card is very different ,

 I couldn't resist the four happy snowmen . Found they diserved a beautiful gold embellished background heart ...

For the matting I used punched out flowers with a touch of golden glitterglue, on which I glued the oval picture .

Some twine and winter branch , a few glittery stars ....and this is it .

And then a more refined image , also 3 D , with just two madeira golden thread cross stitches to brighten up the two paper backgrounds .

 I' ve enlarged this small 3 D picture so the 3 D is better vieuwable .

 I kept it simple , distressed the edges and used some gold sticker borders , as I found this card did not ask for more and also this card was for someone who loves simplicity . She was quite pleased with it .

 And my last card for this week : also quite simple and 3D cutting , not very easy with all those small flowers !

Hope to be here soon again with some more wintery things !

Lots of hugs and until then ,
Love , Rosa

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall is here !

Hello to all of you,  Happy fall !!! 

I'm a bit late on my posting . I had two friends who came to visit me yesterday afternoon . I was very pleased to see them ! Two sisters that also have both been tormented by different serious diseases .
Yet we had an uplifting conversation  .

What did I make this week ? Well, for some time I wanted to make a never ending card and so I did . I also embroidered another card  and made some 3D cards as usual . To start : A fall card with a cute birdie with sweater  :


The background with falling leaves was a free download . Faux stitching and a bunch of twine .

And then this beatiful 3 D  waterfall scene :

With lace and twine , I so love to use twine  in this season !

 Here I used my new bought ( sales ) border and corner rose punch all in one . Very pretty and easy to use .

 And here I coloured a gold sticker bird and adhered it to a 3 D Flower file that I placed on an easel card I made for my niece who got herself a new job after searching and solicitation for 2,5 years . I'm so happy for her !

 My embroidered card , left and

 right side .

 On this card I hand stitched  the sides and stamped some birdies here and there on the background of my 3 D picture .

 Here I stamped some butterflies on different papers , The birdies and a sentiment .
The "tag" is a bought pre-cut paper that I cut in half, to look like a tag and the bird cage I cut from a peace of garment .

 The same butterfly, with a tag stamp and sentiment , and a beautiful coloured background paper .

                                                                                                                                                                         3 D flowers and gold border sticker .                                                                                                                                  


 This birdie is my facourite at the moment , looks so nice to me , combined with that heart .

A simple twine bow , and gold sticker at the border of my 3D pumpkins .

And I made a baby card too:

And finally my neverending card :  very simple with lots of room for pictures .

This is it for this week , take care ,

Love, Rosa