Monday, August 22, 2011

Out on the terrace

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend !
The weather was very good yesterday and so i took my little self made purse , put in all my stuff  that I would need for the card I focused on making.

And I layed myself down on my daybed on the terrace with the vines nearly,  ready to be harvested . Juli and also august have been very bad months, more like October and November months really . But back to my card . It is a 3D card made from the magazine Hobbykaart . By cutting some lines and folding others , a staircase is formed . Then all the little parts needed to be cut out and adhered with 3D foam peaces . This is the result : First a few spotlights :

This window I hand stitched a bit .

Around the blanket I adhered a fine lace trim I had earlier removed of a garment . I glimmer glued it a bit but forgot to take a picture of that stage .

This is the staircase , with flowering pots on the steps . For some reason there is a huge gap between this and my next picture !
Don't know why , so sorry .

This is how the card look when open :

I distressed all edges.

And this is how she looks closed .
 Estimated time to make this card as given up in the magazine was 1.15' hour . Because I have to lay down it took me alf an hour more . But I made it

I also made a pocketcard holding two tags , the 3D image and backgrounds also came from the magazine I mentioned earlier  .

Very nostalgic roses !

I think I will use it to add on an album page .Maybe I'll make an album full of nostalgic roses  ,.... sigh !

So this is it , I' m working on another nostalgic card , see you soon , have a nice week !
Love, Rosa