Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Neverending cards with hidden pockets

Hello everyone,

As I promised in my last post I will now show the 3 neverending cards I was asked to make some weeks ago .
An ex-colleague of mine wanted one for her son and two for her daughters , all married and with children . Hence the hidden pockets .

This is the first one :

 The two middle parts have a pocket with a tag in each fastened with a security pin , but when the pin is taken off , that pocket opens up to another pocket .

When the card flips , the two other middle parts are left blank for pctures as was specifically asked .

 It then flips again ,

And a last time , showing two hearts that are really only a belt that can be taken off to un reveal the hidden two pockets on either side .


Up to the second one : The two middle parts for the pictures .

 The two other sides for the pictures ;

When the card is flipped over again , there are two hidden pockets on the small sides .

And flipping it again it has two envelopes , that close with twine .

My third card :Again the middle parts for pictures , but these middle mats open up and hide two pockets underneath : they close with Velcro

When flipped to the second side I attached two small envelopes to the middle parts

Flipping to the third side there is again room for pictures ,

 as also on the fourth side:

 So this was very much fun to make and very, very easy , although it looks complicated . It did take me a lot of time to embellish though . The cards , I forgot to tell you,  measure 20 cm by 20 cm .

I also crocheted a tea light holder cover , but as I have been  searching for the pictures the past half hour , I came to the conclusion I didn't take pictures of it yet !  So I will share it with you on my next post .

Take care,

Hugs, Rosa