Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello everyone ,I hope you are all doing well !

Its been a while , my nervous back pains that where very severe the last 4 months have gotten me down in bed . I suffer very  pain full invalidating lumbo ischialgy , which I got  after my back surgery ! And because it has been so severe these winter months the pain spreads its self to other  parts   ( It had affected my whole left side , and I wasn' t able to even move my left arm to get something, although everything is right  in my neighbourhood of my sofa where I create my cards laying down on my right side ) . So laying on my tummy it was not possible to write or even create something .

But I'm on my sofa for now again and made some cards . One every day .
I saw an oval stepper card somewhere and wanted to try this, so made my own pattern and this is the result :
My girlfriend bought me a double do XL for a very good price and now I can emboss and cut . This card with oval however is cut by hand . The two outer edges were embossed .

 The next card is a pull card .
 Made the pattern according to my size of card  (10 cm by 15 cm )

 Then a simple card , but all my cards are in 3 D .

And  another 3D card
This background I embossed with my double do again , and adhered a 3D cutting file . Flowers and roses are my favourite , but you will have noticed by now !

 For this card I used the only cutting die I have right now . And did some stamping in the corners, adding a few pearls to highlight .

 For this card I scored  the middle of my front and folded outwards . Attached my oval with 3D file to  the middle , and a trim of lace behind it . And for the inside ,  I decorated with patterned paper and  the same oval .

 I've been wanting to make this drawer card for quite some time . And it is quite easy  !

And then I started on some Sarah Kay's ' 3D's .

This I made a belt card or tab card . Cutting of a piece from the right side on the front and used that piece as a belt to close my card .

  In between this beautiful 3D bird .

And  to end some real vintage cards :

So  this is it for now , I make  my cards with what ever I have , I do not have all the new goodies because I'm on a tight budget . My doctor's and medications  and social help are a heavy cost . But I'm happy to be able to still work with my hands and to have good sight .

Wishing you all the best , take care, have a lovely weekend !

Hugs Rosa