Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spring fold cards

Hello, everyone,

Its Sunday evening, and it has been again a super summer day, although it is already October .I hope you all had a nice weekend . I'd like to share with you two spring fold cards . according a tutorial from Christina 
( see my last post )

 Faux stitching on the border .

This spring fold card is easy to make and you can give the upper part any shape you want .

 The next spring fold card is a more feminine one . With a 3D picture ,  some flowers , sheer fabric , ribbon and a trinket pin from Viola Mahr's etsy shop . Some lace for the border .

 And I have made some cards for condolences .

 This is one of some bought shaped peaces of card stock,  that need to be embellished with Madeira fine thread   . I kept it very simple .

 And my last card is one with a very vintage rose

. As you will have noticed in all my cards , I especially like flowers, as I was a fervent gardener for many years , before my failed back surgery 3 years ago .

This is it for now . take care ,

Love, Rosa