Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall is in the air

Hello everyone,

The busy weeks for preparing for school are here , fall is here (actually has been around  already for two months) We had a harsh winter  closely followed by  a warm summer  during march and April ,( spring does not seem to exist anymore , ) fall came during the high summer months ,so whats next ?

So some fall -themed cards and a card I made on demand  .And a tag book I made before I started  blogging ,
First the card on demand :

Used the small hangers from our Chrystal chandelier that is taken apart after  serving  for 40 years .

                                                                                                                                                                                    It  is a card for a wedding anniversary that is today,  of a couple  with 3 beautiful children .  Aged between 10 and 2 .
 I handstiched the circle on the inside .

 Distressed all the edges and used my stamps to embellish the leaves of the flower. A rhinestone here and there .

 This is the back cover that opens up , to write a message .
    So Cindy and Johan  this is  the flower  card  I made , for your grandmother to give to you. I hope you will like it .
Please receive also my warm wishes for your anniversary and enjoy  the precious time with your children to the full , as every day gone by is just a memory .                                        

Here are a few 3D cutting  , fall inspired cards :

The first one: The sunflowers and apple basket , ( I had about 4 kilo of apples of my garden ! They are turned into compote  by my social aid together with some raisins . Delicious .



 A few pearls  to give a refined touch ,
and a thread of twine and some wood chops .


So it is time to get your scarfs out of the closet, says this little bird !

  I  think its a nice card for someone who has caught a cold !
And I made a tag book a few months before  I started blogging and I would like to add i t now to my blogging archive . I made it for a friend . According to a video on you tube called mixed media mini with envelope pockets . You only need 3 regular sized envelopes .It was brought by Jann .

This is the first left side page . It opens up for writing a message inside .

This tag pocket offers opens at different sides and has lots of space for lots of tags . I saw a bigger version applied in a mini album to use for pictures . And its very easy to make .

Have a happy Sunday ,or at least of what is left of it and I wish you a very nice week , and to the crafters among you , let the creative juices flow !

Hope to be back soon ,
Love , Rosa

Monday, August 22, 2011

Out on the terrace

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend !
The weather was very good yesterday and so i took my little self made purse , put in all my stuff  that I would need for the card I focused on making.

And I layed myself down on my daybed on the terrace with the vines nearly,  ready to be harvested . Juli and also august have been very bad months, more like October and November months really . But back to my card . It is a 3D card made from the magazine Hobbykaart . By cutting some lines and folding others , a staircase is formed . Then all the little parts needed to be cut out and adhered with 3D foam peaces . This is the result : First a few spotlights :

This window I hand stitched a bit .

Around the blanket I adhered a fine lace trim I had earlier removed of a garment . I glimmer glued it a bit but forgot to take a picture of that stage .

This is the staircase , with flowering pots on the steps . For some reason there is a huge gap between this and my next picture !
Don't know why , so sorry .

This is how the card look when open :

I distressed all edges.

And this is how she looks closed .
 Estimated time to make this card as given up in the magazine was 1.15' hour . Because I have to lay down it took me alf an hour more . But I made it

I also made a pocketcard holding two tags , the 3D image and backgrounds also came from the magazine I mentioned earlier  .

Very nostalgic roses !

I think I will use it to add on an album page .Maybe I'll make an album full of nostalgic roses  ,.... sigh !

So this is it , I' m working on another nostalgic card , see you soon , have a nice week !
Love, Rosa

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Embroidered card and cardpurse

Hello to all of you ,

Because of my terrible pains , I was driven to do something that asked a minimum of movement . So my friend had bought me some packages with cards with embroidery patterns  . I have always said embroidery was something I would never take at hand !

 I applied a 3D cuttingfile : my alltime favourites : roses

So this is my first embroidered card :

This week I was able to make a cardpurse , according to a video tutorial on You Tube . Therefore I assembled 3 square cards .Each of the card borders I painted with antique gold metallic acrylics .And I used a circle on which I applied a doily to make the closure with use of velcro .The same paint was used for the dots on the doily . With organza ribbon I made a flower and attached a rose and made the hanging jewel from a piece of an earring and pieces of chains and beads .

The card is hidden behind the jewels ,  in a pocket  . The pocket border is punched with a Martha Stewart borderpunch .

The first page is a pocket page ,made by cutting off the left side of the card diagonally and folding the left over diagonal peace  towards the right side of the cardpage and glueing it only at the bottom . This pocket holds two tags .

I added a pocketpage with a tag for pictures

Next pages can also be used for photo's .

For the last page a pocket page was created by glueing the cut off peace of the first cardpage onto the last cardpage of my 3rd card . This pocket holds a tag , to use for journaling or photo .

So this is it for today , I wish all of you a very nice weekend and for those of you who like to create and craft a joyful crafty time !