Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hello everyone,

Its been a very long time , due to the passing away of my mother the on 1st of June . But I have been quite busy the last six weeks making cards and I want to share them with you . So this is quite a picture heavy post !

All 3D as usual , with 3 to 4 layers not always visible on the pic's  ! ,  using my collection of dies, punches , pearls , lacetrims, rhinestones ,glitterglue , glittersnow and so on..

I have to apologize but the pictures are not what they should be . I am not satisfied with this photo editing program on my windows 8 . But it will have to do for now .

So , hope you've enjoyed, until next time,
Take care ,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello everyone,  the past few weeks have been difficult ,  I miss my mother terribly ,  not as her being my mother , as I had to say goodbye to her a long time ago ,..... somewhere in the evolution of her dementation .
 Over the years she became my child.....and now I have lost my child .  So it leaves me with mixed feelings .

 But I am so glad she recognized me until the end  and she was always very glad to see me (big smile and big eyes ! ) which proves that there can still be a very strong relationship with totally demented people , its just another way of communicating with them - not treating them as actual children , I mean,  still leaving them in their dignity ,( although its not always simple , it means changing your attitudes constantly  (I remember that about 15 years ago , the  moments that she was my mother , and in no time changing into someone very insecure and scared and then back to being my mother    ).  The difference is  these people are no children  ,these people have had their own lives lived , roared a family and still deserve to be treated with respect , and very,very much warmth . No long sentences or story's,  just short and easy words ,  body-language and eye-contact .

But on to my card making , that is- I'm  I 'm trying to get back into it . I finally got my pictures  on to my laptop :
All of my cards are decoupaged by hand or 3 D as usual, using my punches and die cuts .
Thanks to the video of Becka Feeken on how to use a border punch I got this effect ,

 This is a rubber stamp , which I coloured , and cut out 3 times for 3D  , last year in Juli . I just got around making the card .

To all who are going on vacation and those who stay comfortably at home for whatever reason , I wish you all happy holidays !

Take care ,
Hugs, Rosa

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sad announcement

This is just a brief announcement that my dear mother has passed away in her sleep . I was notified at 0500 oclock in the morning , last saturday .
Since I was notified,- much earlier- , way back in january 2011,- that she was about to pass away then , we were granted two and a half years ,in which , despite of her full dementation , we developed such a very special relationship . She recognized me until the end . On the 7th of august she would become 85 . her dementation started when she was 65 .

This is a picture of her taken in 2007 , when she was still living with me . It will be changed in photoshop so the background will be white .

These pictures were taken just a month ago :
As always hand in hand

Another deep hug , mamma , we will see each other again !

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hello everyone ,I am so sorry but I have not  been able to post for a long time , my health issues  are one reason and the other reason is the hard time getting acquainted with the  windows 8 version .

But here are some cards I was able to make in the past 2  months :

I used images from the CD from Jane Shasky:  From the heart of the garden,  to make the 3D cuttings to create  these cards :
The CD holds toppers , backgrounds , embellishments , frames and borders etc.

For the next cards I have been doing some recycling . The images are from a calendar from Marjolein Bastin . It is a weekly calendar which means I have 4 the same images , perfect for 3D cutting !It"salways a pity that  on photo 's you an not see  the four layers of hand cutting very well .

 .Only this card is from a cutting file . The butterfly I stamped twice .
So sorry for the bad pictures . I am not yet able to work with the new photo editing program . And because of the bad and dark weather ,  I had to take some pictures inside .

Thank you for visiting ,
Take care , hugs , Rosa