Sunday, January 20, 2013

From the heart of the garden

A warm Hello to all of you !

 So Winter has not forgotten us , and as I am no fan of it ( and as it also increases my chronic terrible nerve pains , I hope it will be over soon . In the mean time I 've tried to get some order in my small creative space and I also have made some cards .

I have bought the double paper craft CD ROM " from the heart of the garden " designs by Jane Shasky at . This is so gorgeous ! I don't know which one to begin with , but I chose for the roses and heart . Excuse me , for the bad pictures, I can not get them any better , the lighting is very bad , although I've taken them out side ,the weather has been too dark weather , and I did not want to use flash.
This is how it looks when it 's open :

This is the front of the card .  I used some wire to " hang" the tin basket .                                                         
When the little butterfly is turned then the small card opens too:                                                                     

 When I make cards , I take some of them to my mother , she likes to hold them . And usually she does not want to let go . So I would like to share these pictures . My mother is declared demented, 1998, when she was 70 , ( it began silently- invisible  to the outside world when she was 65) I was forced to take her to the home in November 2007 ( we lived together ), she broke her heap in 2010 and stays in bed for the last two years now , she is 84 now . She still recognizes me very well .
This picture is taken about a month ago .

Now why isn't my mother grey ? Well she lost all of her hair in just about a week in 1993 ,probably due to some medication , and she did not want to have a biopsy done and so she has been waring a wig , and though we tried to go over to grey so often, but it just didn't work and so this colour suited her , me and the lady of the store . 

Then I chose this one : and made two cards keeping it simple as some of my friend likes it clean :

The front page again :

And nr 2 :

This tea-cup card , I made for another friend of mine :

with some tea sachets inside of the card .

Next up was a card for someone to give to her granddaughter, I had it in my 3 D stash for a while and used one of my lace border punches .

 And these next two came along by going through my stash :

Looking at these pictures of my cards I am in a summer mood already !!!
but here is one that coordinates with the current weather , and this is very like me : I love heat !

So sorry, I am short in my descriptions , but the pain is too severe to type much more .
Hugs,and take care ,