Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowmen cards and cardholders

Hello everyone, its been quite a while again, but I had to wait until my glasses were made .

First I want to expess my deep sorrow for the family's of Newtown , so many lives that are damaged , again . It will take forever to live with the losses . I can only say that , in this unstabil world with people turning crazy, and violence around every corner , do enjoy the company of your loved ones at all times .

 I believe that the difficult times we are living in right now are the "hard times to go through " as the bible refers to at 2 Tim 3: 1-7 :

Online Bible

  1But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.2For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self‐assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal,3having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self‐control, fierce, without love of goodness,4betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God,5having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.6For from these arise those men who slyly work their way into households and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires,7always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.

But I also believe three are better times  to come  . 
 I want to share some things I made in the last weeks ,  (except for when my glasses broke )  I 'm sorry for the poor quality of these pictures , I had to take several of them inside with flash .
I adhered this beautiuful backing paper to my card , but cut a window . The window closes by being held by the button  . To em bellish I used a die , cut with my double do , and somle rhinestones and a jewel hanger . Inside is a hand cut 3D image.

 Last week I got a present from someone , 3 small books with 3
D cutting files and also these 3D cutting labels : After I cut them , by hand , I inked the edges and embellished them a bit . A nice small gift , but much appreciated . I left some spaces blank to adjust to the occasion .

More snow men cards :

 And another window card , I cut out the area and adhered acylic sheet for the window , and used gold sticker lines on the acrylic to make the window . A 3D file and diecut swirl from MFT .


I also made  two gift sets : Two card holders with 4 cards , using my alphabet stamps and die cut machine. Each card is a single card that fits in the red die cut card holder that was cut with my die cuts and double do .

 I embellished the front cover more after I took the picture , but wasn't able to picture it again .

 My second set :

 As you see here I have spilled some ink , stamping the snowflake , it is very hard to stamp clearly , lying down , as I can not sit long enough .

The back of this card :

So this is it , I hope you enjoy you're holiday's and I hope to be back with some more paper crafts . A never ending card and a mini album are what I have in mind . Till then, take care ,

Hugs, Rosa

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A gift for the nursing staff

Hello everyone, as I stated in one of my former posts I wanted to make stamped cards as a gift to the whole departements staff that  nurses demented people :  nurses , night care nurses , logistic aids and cleaning personel  .

 So I have made 30 cards on which I've  used some stamps I had in my stash , un- used since colouring was just not in my mind , but I thought I'd give it a go and I coloured with just plain pencils .

 My mother , age 84 , who I have nursed and taken care of for 10 years after she was declared seriously dementing at the start of 1998 , is now residing  at the demental departement for 5 years this month , of which she spent the last 2 years fully in bed after a nasty fall in september 2010, that broke her heap .

 Being an invalid myself since 2008 after a failed back surgery , I can only visit her twice a week thanks to very dear friends of mine (which I am so grateful for !!! ) , who take me to her by car and wheelchair .I have to lay beside her ,since I cannot sit or stand up for more than 15 minutes  ,but the contact with her is outstanding .I always start giving her  a dessert ,which  she firsts tastes and then approves by making  big glimpse eyes . Then I rub her legs with a soothing creme .And after that her finger points to the end of the bed , where I always have some new made cards laying , I then give to  her and await her approval , after that she will hold her favourite  card(s) until  I have to leave and she just won't let go . ,

She still recognizes me and with great effort we still communicate  with  eye- contact, and holding hands . It is amazing that when one takes time to learn how to stimulate contact, how much love and affection you get back for it , even when they can't speak .

Here are some of the cards I made :

I am also working on two gift sets  , each containing a map with four cards . That will be for very soon . Up until  then , take good care, Im off to  sleep !
Hugs, Rosa

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New layout

Hello crafty friends , This is a short post , as you will see I have changed my layout and header . I might change again because it is so hard to choose and find out what works best . I found this vintage layout and header on . Just gorgeous !

Till soon ;

Hugs, Rosa

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lost files ........

Hello dear crafting friends , and readers ,...... when I wrote my last post and inserted my pictures of the cards I made,  I thought I missed some . And going through my camera I saw the missing cards and realized I must have uploaded them to a wrong map . In the mean time I have found them and here they are :

This lovely young lady in 3D file I glued on to  an oval frame that I first embroidered with 6 stars using a light glossy blue Madeira yarn . For the corner embellishments I used golden sticker corners and I used some glitter glue to brighten my background . Then I sewed a small jewel chain and little flower embellishments onto the background before attaching it to my card .

For this next card I used a little 3D winter scene and again used my Madeira yarn in golden thread this time .
I stamped my winter sentiment and adhered a lace flower , two silver snowflakes and pearls .                                                                                                               

 The white circle on the following card was made using a special punch that allows to make two sized circles and then punch the border .The flower shape was made with my double do , and the postage  was cut  with a punch also . The heart was cut by hand as well as my 3D image . I love my MFT swirl and added a button and some snowflakes , a pearl and a ribbon .The trees on the background were glittered ,as well as the snowflakes ,  but it is not clearly visible on my picture .

  And more snow in this one , using  my double do again , stamped winter sentiment ,..stars and rhinestones , winter branches .

 I was asked to make a wedding anniversary card and I went to search the Internet for an idea , I do not remember who I have to give credit to , this is my take on that inspirational card : The black border is made with a spellbinders  insert die . The hearts are again cut by hand and the female one is embossed with a hand machine. Then glittered . I cut the female heart a second time also with a succors to give the upper part a female look . Then added flowers ,  pearls and a black lacy ribbon . The tie I made of a grey striped ribbon that I also used sideways on  the black die cut . I added a fabric rose .The tag was also cut with my double do and I added a silver sticker wish . And of course I added sticker rings and very small sticker parts to embellish the corners of my matted layers .

I have this stamp for quite a while and I am not used to colouring in stamps, it was just a fun thing to do ,a little difficult laying down on my side , but making cards is also difficult and  typing this text is too. I have a lovely person to  send it to : she adores owls . I took the picture after I wrote a message to her and you can see that between the opening space .


I am also going to use that owl stamp and a few other stamps for making about 30 cards as a gift to the whole staff  in the home where my mother is taken care of  as a thank you for their good cares .

So this is it for now , thank you for visiting ,

Hugs, Rosa

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Falling leaves and winter scenes

Hello everyone, it is a cold and misty Friday over here . The leaves are falling and they cover the grass , trees and shrubs are displaying the wonderful colours of autumn , birds are singing a last song before winter comes along . I've had my garden cleaned up and the grass cut , I think for the last time this year and my cat Rocky sat there inspecting and enjoying the look ,  I couldn't resist taking a picture :

I'm saying goodbye  to the summer ( we even didn't have one ! ) with this card , made with two inked up doilies , a 3 D flower , a stamped birdcage , some lace , a heart hanger and gold sticker corners .

 And right into autumn with this ball of acorns , something I made about 6 years ago . Actually I made three balls , different in size . I have thrown one away last week and this one is on my terrace now for decoration .

Here are some cards I 've made in the last weeks :
Inspired by the autumn colours these leaves and bird are from a 3D file and I kept it clean and simple . I used glimmer glue on the leaves but it is not very visible on the picture . I just punched the corners a bit and decorated with rhinestones . I did not use ribbon because the person I made it for , loves simple and clean .

Next are some winter cards , I really love this delicate winter painting , the berries are made in 3D , all of my 3D files are cut by hand by the way  , and the background musical paper is a paper printable I found in my backgrounds map . I just added the flowers , adhered the small beads and some snowflakes . And a little trim of lace to finish it up .

 And as I strolled through my winter 3D files ,  this beauty caught my eye . I used a die cut  I had lying around for some time and this time it fitted my image . I used some glitter glue and golden stickers to embellish my borders and corner . The white leaves around the hellebore flower with pearl are fabric and I used a little paper swirl die cut .

Now  I know one of my friends likes horses very much , so I looked through my 3D stash and came up with this card

I  really seem to be in a winter mood , whilst I have always hated winter and still do ! but I stamped a strip with blue snowflakes and curls and that was the start for my next card . I neatly cut out the all the elements with succors and used foam tape to raise some of the images , not clearly visible on the picture .I secured a gold glittery sticker line on the edge of my stamped strip and I covered the 4 sides of my card slightly with gold ink ( pad )

I hope you are all doing well where ever each of you are , have a nice weekend and take care !

Hugs , Rosa