Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall is in the air

Hello everyone,

The busy weeks for preparing for school are here , fall is here (actually has been around  already for two months) We had a harsh winter  closely followed by  a warm summer  during march and April ,( spring does not seem to exist anymore , ) fall came during the high summer months ,so whats next ?

So some fall -themed cards and a card I made on demand  .And a tag book I made before I started  blogging ,
First the card on demand :

Used the small hangers from our Chrystal chandelier that is taken apart after  serving  for 40 years .

                                                                                                                                                                                    It  is a card for a wedding anniversary that is today,  of a couple  with 3 beautiful children .  Aged between 10 and 2 .
 I handstiched the circle on the inside .

 Distressed all the edges and used my stamps to embellish the leaves of the flower. A rhinestone here and there .

 This is the back cover that opens up , to write a message .
    So Cindy and Johan  this is  the flower  card  I made , for your grandmother to give to you. I hope you will like it .
Please receive also my warm wishes for your anniversary and enjoy  the precious time with your children to the full , as every day gone by is just a memory .                                        

Here are a few 3D cutting  , fall inspired cards :

The first one: The sunflowers and apple basket , ( I had about 4 kilo of apples of my garden ! They are turned into compote  by my social aid together with some raisins . Delicious .



 A few pearls  to give a refined touch ,
and a thread of twine and some wood chops .


So it is time to get your scarfs out of the closet, says this little bird !

  I  think its a nice card for someone who has caught a cold !
And I made a tag book a few months before  I started blogging and I would like to add i t now to my blogging archive . I made it for a friend . According to a video on you tube called mixed media mini with envelope pockets . You only need 3 regular sized envelopes .It was brought by Jann .

This is the first left side page . It opens up for writing a message inside .

This tag pocket offers opens at different sides and has lots of space for lots of tags . I saw a bigger version applied in a mini album to use for pictures . And its very easy to make .

Have a happy Sunday ,or at least of what is left of it and I wish you a very nice week , and to the crafters among you , let the creative juices flow !

Hope to be back soon ,
Love , Rosa


  1. Wow, your artwork is truly amazing! Such detail and beautiful handwork. I wish Fall was here as it is hot HOT HOT in Texas, USA. I used to like summer but this one has been brutal, can't wait for cooler weather......Mickie M

  2. More BEAUTIFUL work, Rosa! I can't pick a favorite because they're all so wonderful, but I know that anniversary card will be treasured, with all the gorgeous handwork you put into it!

  3. very sweet, rosa, glad you've been working on such lovely things!