Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baroque Mini album

Hello everyone ,

Hope you are all doing well!

I finished something I started on a while ago , my baroque mini-album . This small album actually is a personal item I made with sayings of comfort and personal notes regarding my special relation with my mother who is now palliative . I have nursed her for many years . (She was declared dementing in 1998 and I didn't want her to be placed in a home , without doing the impossible for her to keep her in her worthyness and our home and garden, which we have both enjoyed to the full , until the social workers decided that for both our health reasons ,  it was no longer possible . I was forced to place her in a home by the end of 2007 .

The personal notes are hidden in the small pockets and envelopes and tags .

I have quite a lot of picures taken by every 2 pages and several close-ups . I had been searching the web for a while and finally  found a template somewhere  . I cut the pages by hand out of boxes of muesli .And covered them with papers .

This is the front cover .

A few close-ups :

A leaf of lace I cut out and a beautiful
forest trinketpin from Viola Mahr's etsy shop .

I used a ready bought closure .

A few ribbons and lace , tied to cover the binding ring .

Pages 1 & 2

I made a pocket out of a hard plastic cover and covered the upper side with a trim of lace .

                                                     A small heart to embellish the tag .
  This is a Marionpocket ,(I hope I pronounce it well ,  I learned from the you tube videao's.                                                                    
Pages 3 & 4 :

I used an old rusty looking flower to hold this foldingcard:

 On the other page I used a trim of really old lace, I got from my neighbour Emy,
so nice of her ,and attached a peace of one of my earrings that I found was too long and had simply cut off .

Pages  5 & 6 :

Used a golden sticker to stamp in the sentiment .

Pages 7 & 8 :

 A black embossed insert page .

5 very important things in life : love , belief, joy , hope , and peace .

Pages 9 & 10

Two tags hidden behind a peace I cut from a beauttiful flowered hairband . And a trifold page (  I stamped the corners ) , behind the paper flower .

And the last pages :   kept simple

 This is a peace of band I purchased years ago on a creative meeting . Still love it , it is rather difficult to cut because of  the tiny pearls but I maneged .

The little oval tag opens down towards the buttom of the baroque diecut .

This was quite a long post , I hope you liked it .

On the next post I will share a card that  had a sewing pattern on it and this will be my first embroidered card . I made this because my pain was so severe the last week that even making a card involving cutting and embellishing was impossible . But this way one is lead to explore new things that ask a minimum of movement.

Hope to be  back here soon ,



  1. this is SO beautiful and sweet. Prayers for you and your mom!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful album, thank you for sharing all the beautiful detail, this looks like you put a lot of time into it, blessings :) :)

  3. Such a beautiful album, Rosa! In fact, I'm a new fan of all your creations!

  4. This album is so beautiful! What a treasure! I just found your blog over at Viola Mahr's. I am new to the blogging world and have a lot to learn. Sending prayers to you and your mom!

  5. Beautiful album. I too just found your blog over at Viola Mahr's. You and your mom are in my prayers.

  6. Great work. I came over from Viola Mahr's blog. I have signed up to follow you. I send prayers out.

  7. Such a sweet, lovely album! The details are so beautiful. It is evident that you put a great deal of time and love into making it.
    God Bless you and your mother.