Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flap Album

Hello my friends,

I've made a flap album as a small gift to someone .

 I used the left over  packing of  the 6 by 6 patterned paper . I glued the top flaps together.So :
 It consists of a middle an two side flaps . For that I attached two existing embossed  cards I had in my stash .
I covered all sides with antique gold metallic acrylic paint .

 The side panels open up , an I have decorated them .You can have a closer look in the next photo"s .

 I made use of beautiful cut out table cards , I had bought me when I was still able to give dinners .

I used a strip of acetate to hold this small envelope .

The middle section opens up again

 And the middle page I embroidered on both sides and attached a pocket in the middle .

Here I added another card from my stash with a round aperture , to place a picture behind .

 This is the upper aperture card for a picture.

And both sides open up again : upwards and downwards:

They have pouches to hold tags or photo's .

This is it for now , will be posting some more winter cards in a few days  have a lovely week !
Take care ,
Love, Rosa

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  1. Oh my GOSH-this is beautiful, Rosa! I'm finally catching up on my blog-hopping, and I can see you've been busy lately, too. What a beautiful gift to give someone!