Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello everyone ,I hope you are all doing well !

Its been a while , my nervous back pains that where very severe the last 4 months have gotten me down in bed . I suffer very  pain full invalidating lumbo ischialgy , which I got  after my back surgery ! And because it has been so severe these winter months the pain spreads its self to other  parts   ( It had affected my whole left side , and I wasn' t able to even move my left arm to get something, although everything is right  in my neighbourhood of my sofa where I create my cards laying down on my right side ) . So laying on my tummy it was not possible to write or even create something .

But I'm on my sofa for now again and made some cards . One every day .
I saw an oval stepper card somewhere and wanted to try this, so made my own pattern and this is the result :
My girlfriend bought me a double do XL for a very good price and now I can emboss and cut . This card with oval however is cut by hand . The two outer edges were embossed .

 The next card is a pull card .
 Made the pattern according to my size of card  (10 cm by 15 cm )

 Then a simple card , but all my cards are in 3 D .

And  another 3D card
This background I embossed with my double do again , and adhered a 3D cutting file . Flowers and roses are my favourite , but you will have noticed by now !

 For this card I used the only cutting die I have right now . And did some stamping in the corners, adding a few pearls to highlight .

 For this card I scored  the middle of my front and folded outwards . Attached my oval with 3D file to  the middle , and a trim of lace behind it . And for the inside ,  I decorated with patterned paper and  the same oval .

 I've been wanting to make this drawer card for quite some time . And it is quite easy  !

And then I started on some Sarah Kay's ' 3D's .

This I made a belt card or tab card . Cutting of a piece from the right side on the front and used that piece as a belt to close my card .

  In between this beautiful 3D bird .

And  to end some real vintage cards :

So  this is it for now , I make  my cards with what ever I have , I do not have all the new goodies because I'm on a tight budget . My doctor's and medications  and social help are a heavy cost . But I'm happy to be able to still work with my hands and to have good sight .

Wishing you all the best , take care, have a lovely weekend !

Hugs Rosa


  1. I'm so happy to hear that your pains are lessening now, Rosa, and that you can enjoy being creative again. Your cards are all wonderful, as always. My favorite is the 50th anniversary's absolutely STUNNING!

    I hope you continue to feel better each day!
    Smiles to you...

    1. Thank you , dear Kathy , I hope your ankle is doing well .
      I'm always looking forward to your updates and save them for the last to open up together with the ones of Viola Mahr . And then I have the sweetest of dreams of all the
      insp-irational compositions and colorsThanks again for sharing tour wonderfull works !

      Hus , Rosa