Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A gift for the nursing staff

Hello everyone, as I stated in one of my former posts I wanted to make stamped cards as a gift to the whole departements staff that  nurses demented people :  nurses , night care nurses , logistic aids and cleaning personel  .

 So I have made 30 cards on which I've  used some stamps I had in my stash , un- used since colouring was just not in my mind , but I thought I'd give it a go and I coloured with just plain pencils .

 My mother , age 84 , who I have nursed and taken care of for 10 years after she was declared seriously dementing at the start of 1998 , is now residing  at the demental departement for 5 years this month , of which she spent the last 2 years fully in bed after a nasty fall in september 2010, that broke her heap .

 Being an invalid myself since 2008 after a failed back surgery , I can only visit her twice a week thanks to very dear friends of mine (which I am so grateful for !!! ) , who take me to her by car and wheelchair .I have to lay beside her ,since I cannot sit or stand up for more than 15 minutes  ,but the contact with her is outstanding .I always start giving her  a dessert ,which  she firsts tastes and then approves by making  big glimpse eyes . Then I rub her legs with a soothing creme .And after that her finger points to the end of the bed , where I always have some new made cards laying , I then give to  her and await her approval , after that she will hold her favourite  card(s) until  I have to leave and she just won't let go . ,

She still recognizes me and with great effort we still communicate  with  eye- contact, and holding hands . It is amazing that when one takes time to learn how to stimulate contact, how much love and affection you get back for it , even when they can't speak .

Here are some of the cards I made :

I am also working on two gift sets  , each containing a map with four cards . That will be for very soon . Up until  then , take good care, Im off to  sleep !
Hugs, Rosa

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  1. I enjoy so much to see your work and to read your words full of good thougts.