Friday, June 7, 2013

Sad announcement

This is just a brief announcement that my dear mother has passed away in her sleep . I was notified at 0500 oclock in the morning , last saturday .
Since I was notified,- much earlier- , way back in january 2011,- that she was about to pass away then , we were granted two and a half years ,in which , despite of her full dementation , we developed such a very special relationship . She recognized me until the end . On the 7th of august she would become 85 . her dementation started when she was 65 .

This is a picture of her taken in 2007 , when she was still living with me . It will be changed in photoshop so the background will be white .

These pictures were taken just a month ago :
As always hand in hand

Another deep hug , mamma , we will see each other again !

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