Sunday, June 19, 2011

A card, an envelope and a giftcard

Hi, everyone ,

I hope you have a nice sunday afternoon !

Here are some things that i made , half finished some time ago ,and apparently had stashed away  .
I found them and finished the job.

First this card , cut out by hand, i embellished the sides and corners of my cut outs with glitterglue , so the uneven parts would't show. Then i built  a flower , a freebee peacing pattern from the internet , by craftycat957, i think , placed it on a mat and adhered it to the back of the front . Then simply tied a ribbon around .

The giftcard holder i made according to a video of following the papertrail, Strong cardstock covered inside with olive green wallpaper . I tied the old lace around and fastened it on one side with double sided tape creating  a hold for a card . On the right side i cut a large peace of patterned paper and folded several times to get 3 pockets for giftcards or tags . I covered the sides with ribbon to finish . The pictures are horrible . I had to use my flash due to the bad weather .

On the front i tied my lace together and adhered flowers and a curly stamp .

This envelope i made from a light cardstock covered with left over wrapping paper; i liked the design .
Then i stiched over the sides and attached old lace on the  border . Tied it also with romantic ribbon and added flowers . I would like to make a matching card to go with it .

This envelope and the matching card is reserved as a gift for my dear friend Viola Mahr, who encouraged me and offered her help for making this blog . THANKS,VIO !!!

I will post some cards in a couple of days .Till then,  keep well,

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