Sunday, March 4, 2012

With spring around the corner .....

Hello everyone,

With spring around the corner , I'm filled with eager to use all of my wonderful 3 D files of flowers I still have in my stash !  And my girlfriend brought me some more 3Dcutting file-pads from Janneke Brinkman and also two 3D-pads with cutting-sheets of Sarah Kay and some more backing paper pads too !!! I'm now drowning in  all that  stuff!!!

Luckily I have a lot of dear friends and there's always a reason to have some cards ready , and also these friends occasionally ask me to make some .

  Due to the fact that  I am disabled  since the end of 2008 I have lots of time ,..... pain full time that is . That pain is always there in variations of intensity , despite the morfine I have to take and  sometimes so severe I am not  capable to make any card at all .Then my  days are extremely long and empty . But  I'm ever so glad that when I'm able I can use my hands in creating !!! Even if I can only make one card in a day , I know it will make someone happy with it .( one card takes me almost one hour and a half to two hours , the cutting alone of the intricate files alone  ( done with a small succor, ,  takes me half an hour.).

Thanks to the Internet , the blogs and video's on You  Tube I am always learning new things ! I've recently seen a gorgeous toilet mini-album . 2 part Toilet Mini Album :

Here are seven cards I've made in the past week :

I sparkled the flowers a bit with a gel pen , and added a butterfly ,a small dried leaf and a small security pin with a tiny tag with a stamped small heart and tiny rhinestone heart. On both sides I applied a small organza ribbon .

This next card is a buckle card : I embossed half of my creme backing paper and used a pink dotted patterned paper for the inside . Behind my 3 D flowers I adhered a doilie and a handcut flowerdie.
For the buckle I used a trim of lace ,on which I sewed small white beads , that serves as a small pocket to hold a tag .
The bunch of flowers asked for an organza ribbon and flat back pearl  .

Next an animal card . Ribon and some twine and a heart jewelry hanger .

This flower , I don't know how it is called in English , I used to have in my garden . I stamped the little birdie on a piece of paper and coloured it with plain pencils and added it to the dimensional flower .
I attached the oval with flower only at the lower part so I could tuck a stampds tag under it .
A silk ribbon in gorgeous green and some rhinestones finished the job .

Then these dicks seemed to ask for a simple card . Just a white doilie and a stamped butterfly on patterned paper  with fla tback oval white pearl. White flowers and shiny beads glued to the hearts , with again some twine .

I like  stepper cards and thought this birdhouse would be excellent on the fore ground with a butterfly ,  and  a bunch of flowers from my stash of cuttings to the background .

A side vieuw :

And my last card is :an apron card . I love to make different shaped cards , but it is very time consuming to make the shapes . I found a free template on the internet , but it took me an hour to adjust  to my card size ( 10 cm by 15 cm ) . Measuring and drawing - ( Word on this window vista laptop is not compatible with my Word on my old computer that is linked to my printer ) .But I now have a fitting shape , so the next cards will be easier .

A pocket that has pleated paper to surround it and a rim of lace . .It holds a removable tag . On the pocket is a smaller pocket with of course smaller pleated paper and two very small buttons . Cute isn't it !

The very small pocket contains a bottle of ketchup .

That's it ,next time hope to show you some cards of Sarah Kaye . But first I need to make some condoleances cards for a friend of mine .
Till then, take care ,

Hugs , Rosa


  1. oh i love!! you make the cutest cards from the stickers and layers. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing my friend :)

  2. Thank you very much, Vio ! You have given me the eager to create in the first place , and got me over the edge to make my blog, I'll always be thankfull for that .

    Hugs, Rosa